Sunday, March 25, 2012

Creating Storage in a Small Space

The house I rent is a small house.  It has 3 bedrooms and 1.5 small bathrooms.  When I moved in I knew bathroom storage would be an issue.  Here is the before photo of my 1/2 bath, which is the bath in the master bedroom...ZERO storage:

After Pinteresting a bit, I came across some inspiration for storage in a small bathroom.



I picked up some Lack shelves from IKEA because they are very sleek and modern and they looked - key word here - LOOKED easy to install, and they are very inexpensive.  They were only $14.99 each and I purchased 3 of them.  2 for the half bath, and 1 for above the door in the full bath.
Here's the thing abou the Lack shelves...they don't come with hardware.  IKEA doesn't give you hardware because they don't know what kind of surface you will be screwing the shelves into.  I used my studfinder and where I needed my shelves to hang, there weren't any studs.  Also, on these shelves the screws are placed 10 inches apart or something, and in American homes the studs are placed 8 inches they won't line up with your studs anyway.  I actually think that it's much easier to put in an anchor and screw into that, than to screw into a stud....but I have very wimpy arm muscles.  Plus, an anchor will actually hold more weight.

I am not completely ignorant when it comes to hanging shelves or building things.  I grew up working in a woodshop, so I'm pretty "with it" when it comes to this stuff.  I purchased a few different screws to try: 2 kinds of drywall screws that 'say' they need no anchor, and 2 kinds of screws with anchors that I've used before.  After about a day of trying, and numerous curse words, and creating massive holes that needed to be filled to try the next screws, I will tell you that none of those things worked.
So naturally, I googled "how to hang an ikea lack shelf"...and what do you know??  Thousands of results pop up with people having the same problem!!!

The general advice for what worked was a toggle type anchor.  I went to Lowe's the next day and bought these:

These are EXACTLY the anchors you need for this shelf.  They worked perfectly and I had the dang shelf up in about 10 minutes....geez.
Here is the end result of my above the door storage in my full bath:

Here is the finished storage in my 1/2 bath:

So, if you too decide to hang a LACK shelf somewhere in your home:
A) Use a level to draw a line on the wall where you want the shelf.
B) Use the anchoring metal part of the shelf along that level line, and mark where the screws will go. 
C) Use an awl to create a large hole on your screw mark to put the anchor into.
C)  Use these exact anchors and screws from Lowe's.
With these steps you should have your shelves up in no time at all.

After I hung the shelves I needed storage baskets.  I bought about 10 different baskets and I finally found the perfect ones at World Market.  Mine are the Betty Water Hyacinth baskets.  I purchased a couple of beige canvas bins from Target as well.

I had a larger basket at home and no where to put it, so I took 2 'S' hooks and hung it to the towel rack in the half bath.  There really is no need for a towel rack in a half bath, so I use this basket for things that I would normally have on the bathroom counter.

What do you think of my storage solutions?


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  1. Looks awesome!!! And damn IKEA and their lack of glad to hear what i need to do next time!