Monday, April 2, 2012

Paint Chip Calendar

Happy Monday!

I made a very easy and very inexpensive calendar recently. It's so cute and I had seen one like it on Pinterest a long time ago.

It's made with paint chips from your local hardware store, which are FREE!! And free is spectacular! Now you'll need quite a few because you can only get 1 to 2 squares out of one of the paint chips. You'll need 35 squares, so that's probably 17-20 paint chips. Pick a color you like, or that coordinates with your decor, and gather all variations of that color, some lighter and some darker.

I bought a $5 frame at Walmart and I painted the frame white. I had some thick white drawing paper that I purchased at Michael's a while ago, and I used it to as my background. You could also use poster board, or regular white paper, or even whatever piece of paper comes with your frame to cut as your backing.

I cut all of the paint chips to a 1.5" x 1.5" square with my paper cutter. Then I laid all of the squares out so I could see how to space them all out evenly. Then I just stuck them all on with some glue dots. Glue dots are little dots of glue on a roll and they are used in scrapbooking if you aren't familiar with them. They are amazing little buggers...BUT they stick and you can NOT remove them once they are stuck. So stick with caution! You could easily use a glue stick or even tape for this project.

Then I put the frame back together, hung it up with command strips, and it was all ready to write on with a dry erase marker! And yes...I'm that busy :-/

I love it! Definitely make one if you do too!


  1. this is time you're in town, i demand a craft date :)

  2. What size frame did you use?